X-Ar_05Who We Are

Talem Technologies is a company built on overcoming challenges, defined by unparalleled achievements and empowered by unlimited opportunities. It’s only natural that we’d put our roots down in Detroit – the birthplace of engineering innovation – a city whose people and goals mirror our own.

Our dream was set in motion by the X-Ar, an exo-skeletal device that attaches to ones arm and works as a strength and control amplifier by providing dynamic support throughout a natural range of motion. The success of this achievement laid the entire foundation for a legacy of promise to our customers.

Each day, a talented team of thought leaders from industry, medicine, and academia dedicate themselves to the notion that the best solutions are elegant in their simplicity. They strive to find answers that are both lasting in function and quality, and designed to remain within reach of those who need them most.

The words “Empower the persistent to succeed” defines Talem Technologies’ core philosophy and proudly positions the products we bring to market. These words drive us to keep moving toward the future and beyond. This is what we do. This is who we are.



Our History – When Purpose Meets Opportunity

Talem Technologies was born when Life Beyond Barriers – a collaboration of visionary leadership utilizing biomedical, biotechnological and rehabilitation skills to find barrier solutions – sought to assist people living with, and recovering from, spinal cord injuries and neuromuscular degenerative diseases. Their quest led them to the X-Ar, a product designed by arm technology specialists Equipois Inc. to assist manufacturing workers. From there, a shared vision for the future of rehabilitation and assistive technology evolved, sowing the seeds of a joint venture that changed the landscape of the healthcare community forever.



The Life Beyond Barriers Connection – A Continuous Cycle of Evolution

Life Beyond Barriers strives to make a better world for those in need. By combining the power of medicine and engineering, they create life-enhancing solutions where limitations are reduced or eliminated. These breakthrough solutions are developed by an active and engaged academic community – faculty and students encouraged and empowered to bring their ideas to market on a regular basis and explore the most exciting and rewarding path between academia and entrepreneurism.

As a Life Beyond Barriers affiliate company, Talem Technologies is closely connected to the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan and Wayne State University. We recognize that rehabilitation science is rapidly evolving – to the point where today’s cutting edge solution often ends up as tomorrow’s outdated tool sitting in the corner of a clinic. For that reason, we’re constantly identifying problems and working on “what’s next.”


The X-Ar is seen as a revolutionary breakthrough for both Talem Technologies and Life Beyond Barriers. It was designed and built as a long-lasting solution to meet the needs of doctors and patients in search of reliable, low maintenance rehabilitation service. Each day, our team of scientists, engineers, and clinicians explore how the X-Ar can evolve to ensure that new breakthroughs in medicine remain within reach.