What the X-Ar Does

The X-Ar exoskeletal arm builds upon its user’s arm strength, empowering them to endure longer and perform better in various tasks. This tool’s ground breaking design consists of a cuff that cradles one’s arm, allowing a patented configuration of springs and tensioning hardware to provide the zero-gravity support necessary to reach farther and accomplish more.

For those on the path to recovery, the X-Ar translates to a more efficient way of exercising with less assistance from therapists and improved arm control with less compensation. Users with permanent injuries will find that the X-Ar helps them lead active and fulfilling lives. Surgeons who perform delicate and intricate operations will be able to experience a means of slowing down fatigue and diminishing unwanted motions with the X-Ar.


Target Industries and Primary Benefits

The X-Ar diminishes limitations and empowers users who need endurance, stability and enhanced movement to live their lives to the best of their abilities.

Those in the physical rehabilitation, surgery, assistive technology and dental fields turn to the X-Ar as way to improve endurance and control, reduce ergonomic strain and cut down on workplace injuries.